Citizens State Bank Extends a Helping Hand to Seniors for Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving approaches, Citizens State Bank reaffirms its commitment to community well-being with a heartwarming initiative. Ann Lantz, Executive Vice President and Market President, spearheaded a collaborative effort with Krupps Mini Mart, a local pasty shop. Together, they reached out to bring comfort and joy to homebound seniors in Ontonagon.

Approximately 100 seniors in Ontonagon received a special Thanksgiving meal, courtesy of this compassionate endeavor. The meal includes a hearty pasty, coleslaw, and a delectable dessert. Ann Lantz, along with Eric Butterbach and dedicated individuals from the Community Action Agency in Ontonagon, personally delivered these meals to the doorsteps of the seniors.

This initiative reflects Citizens State Bank’s dedication to community outreach, fostering a sense of togetherness, especially during the holiday season.

Ann Lantz expresses, “We believe in supporting and uplifting every member of our community, particularly those who may be more vulnerable or homebound. This Thanksgiving, we aim to spread warmth and joy through this small gesture of sharing a meal with our seniors.”

Citizens State Bank encourages other community members and businesses to join in supporting local initiatives that make a positive impact. As they deliver these Thanksgiving meals, the team also delivers a message of care and unity, embodying the spirit of gratitude and generosity.