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After many years of employment in the food services industry and after an inspirational visit to Italy, eleven years ago he turned his talent, passion and passion for baking into a successful business.  As his reputation for quality and service has evolved, he was outgrowing their local single production and retail facility. 

It was time to expand operations.  Their products are baked on-site daily, made by hand using only fresh local ingredients that are purchased locally and in small quantities to ensure quality and excellence.  This expansion will allow them to set up an additional production location as they have outgrown their current building to serve and expand their high demand. 

CSB provided a commercial mortgage for the building acquisition as well as enhanced and automated production equipment financing.  Our support will help them put their amazing products on the shelves of a wider variety of retail outlets across the state of Michigan, and eventually the entire Midwest.  We look forward to providing working capital and additional acquisition financing as the enterprise continues to grow and flourish.

A local glass replacement business owner desired to sell his business to a non-family, long-time, loyal key employee.  This individual is in the process of building his wealth and had limited cash resources to put down on the transaction.  The incumbent and local competitor banks failed to provide any reasonable financing alternatives, essentially providing a loan that would be fully secured by the selling owner’s cash, which would be released from escrow as each principal payment was made.

After spending time to develop a personal relationship with both the seller and key employee as well as gaining a full understanding of the Company’s business model, competitive market advantage and leadership principles, CSB was able to offer a creative financial structure to facilitate the ownership transition.
The financing solution provided the immediate cash to the seller as desired and allowed the key employee to reach his vision of entrepreneurship and business ownership.

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