Business Owner using positive pay to ensure there is no fraud happening with their ACH and check payments

Check Positive Pay

Positive Pay allows you to have more control over your transactions to help prevent check fraud.
Positive Pay

When you issue a batch of checks through your accounting program, each check has a certain profile – the date, the amount, the payee, and the account on which the check is drawn.
  • Compare check details to the details provided when it was issued.
  • Review “Exception” lists.
  • Maintain complete control of whether a check should be paid or rejected.
Citizens State Bank Positive Pay Tool
A Powerful Tool for Cash Management
Protect Yourself
Help protect against check fraud, simply and quickly.
Keep Tabs on Payments
Ensure that every check is posted and paid as you intend.
Peace of Mind
Protect your financial resources.

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How it Works

Watch these instructional videos to learn more about how to use Check Positive Pay.
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ACH Alerts - Checks
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SmartBank-CSB Business

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